Making a decision on which company you choose to partner with is just as important as selecting the ERP software itself


Your ERP Journey with Precise conected ERP locations graphic

Your ERP Journey with Precise

Your ERP journey is a continuous lifecycle of growth and development, eventually leading to business transformation…

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Implementation Approach

Your ERP Journey begins with a discovery process that explores into where your business is now, called Precise F.I.T…

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Precise ERP Success Framework

The Precise ERP SUCCESS Framework is an over-arching set of guiding principles, covering the essential components of project…

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Solution Delivery

Our proven implementation approach is based on best practices and our many years of experience delivering successful projects in your industry…

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Customer Support

At Precise, we don’t see the ‘go-live’ of your ERP solution as the end. We see it as the gateway to limitless possibilities…

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Deployment Options

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ deployment option that suits all businesses. Take the guess work out of which ERP deployment option best suits your business…

ERP Selection Success Roadmap

Is Your Business ERP Ready? 

Prepare your business for a successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project with our 12-step guide to success 

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