Why McLean Care chose Epicor for Care’s integrated end-to-end Senior Living Solution to replace their legacy systems

“The Epicor for Care cloud-based platform gave us a proven, single solution across all core business processes.”
Paul Maher,
Director of Finance, McLean Care Ltd



From humble beginnings in 1953, McLean Care has grown to be a substantial provider of aged care services and independent living in New South Wales and regional areas of Southern Queensland as well as providing telehealth dietetic services nationally.

Proudly not-for-profit, McLean Care has deep roots in the communities it serves, bringing innovation and the highest standard of care to its residents, clients, and their families.

As is being felt across the industry, McLean Care is experiencing the twin pressures of growing demand in the community combined with significant staffing, cost, and supply constraints.

“At McLean Care our multiple legacy systems no longer supported the complexity of our existing business, new legislation changes or our anticipated growth, highlighting an important risk to our strategic plans,” Paul explains.

To manage this McLean Care recently decided to invest in an industry specific, fit-for-purpose Aged Care solution that would allow them to deliver on their strategic, economic, and operational mandate, well into the future.



McLean Care’s Board is committed to a strong Strategic Plan that aims to help grow the organisation to support the rising demand for services, while continuing to deliver an exceptional level of care to ageing Australians.

With the implementation of new legislation within the sector there is a direct impact on costs, resourcing and compliance, and to that end, the organisation underwent a detailed review of its business processes and technology platforms, and a detailed market evaluation of available solutions and expertise to help support the execution of that Strategic Plan.

“The Board was very keen to find ways to help the business maintain its extremely high standards of service quality and compliance while enabling efficiency gains across the business,” Paul notes.

At the same time, the small and very hard-working team that runs the finance and operational aspects of McLean Care wanted to make sure any new system was going to be easy to adopt and would help relieve some of the pressure they were under.

“There are a few options out there, but the deeper you look the more you see how in order to achieve the full end-to-end functionality, they are reliant on multiple products from multiple vendors – which only ends up increasing the size of the organisation’s application stack,” adds Paul.

McLean Care did not want to have to become experts in multiple systems and have to maintain manual workarounds to link information together across the technology stack.

“Through our thorough review process, the Epicor Senior Living Solution proved that it could deliver our comprehensive list of functional requirements across a cloud driven platform. Combining this with Precise Business Solutions industry expertise, implementation skills and digital transformation experience mitigated that substantial risk and ensures we can manage our business in the most productive, cost-effective, and efficient way.”



What McLean Care was ideally looking for was a solution integrated from end-to-end, using a single technology stack, single set of tools and similar look and feel across the board. Through a thorough review process, the Epicor Senior Living Solution proved that it could deliver a comprehensive list of functional requirements across a cloud-driven platform.

“The Epicor for Care cloud-based platform gave us a proven, single solution across all core business processes from CRM to billing and funding, for procurement workflow and supplier invoice automation, from management reporting to analytics and compliance tools,” says Paul.

Of particular comfort to McLean Care was knowing so many other aged care providers across the country are using exactly the same system.

“We were not looking to develop our own ERP – we just wanted a system that will work for us the minute we turn it on and provide a consistent process across the full breadth of our organisation,” reflects Paul.

Combining this with Precise Business Solution’s industry expertise, implementation skills and digital transformation experience, mitigated the substantial risk to McLean Care’s strategic plans and ensured they could manage their business in the most productive, cost-effective, and efficient way.

“With so much experience in servicing our industry we know we could not be in safer hands having Precise Business Solutions as our implementation partner. We are looking forward to our journey of digital transformation using Epicor and Precise,” Paul remarks.

“There are many reasons why Australia’s leading industry-specific ERP solution is crucial to the management of aged, community, and home care. Epicor for Care’s Senior Living Solution offers compliance with legislative changes, simplified billing and funding, comprehensive client management, and intelligent reporting and analytics,” Mark Batina, Managing Director, Precise Business Solutions.

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McLean Care

Supported by 605+ staff, McLean Care provides community, retirement and aged care lifestyle services and options to 1,100+ people in the North-West region of NSW and the Darling Downs region of QLD. Established in 1953, McLean Care is now one of the largest providers of rural aged care in Australia. The award winning NFP operates six long and short-term residential services, and nine ageing-friendly independent living facilities.


  • Mitigate substantial risk to strategic plans
  • Achieve full end-to-end functionality
  • Efficiency gains across the business
  • Easy to use across the full breadth of the organisation
  • Meeting the rising demand for age care services and facilities
  • Significant staffing, cost, and supply constraints
  • Legacy systems unable to support business operations, legislation changes, or growth
  • Comprehensive functional requirements
  • Cloud-driven platform
  • Proven industry-specific fit-for-purpose solution
  • Integrated end-to-end solution across all core business processes
  • Experienced digital transformation partner