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Overseeing an ERP project is a huge responsibility, so how do you make sure that the project is a success on YOUR watch?

There is ONE THING that you need to do, BEFORE you launch into creating your Business Case and Request for Proposal (RFP), that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Watch this 5 minute video to discover the ONE THING that is critical to the success of your project (that most businesses don’t do) and to learn about our FREE CONSULT (valued at $3,000 AUD) to get you started on this important first step.

Request your free ‘Kickstart for Success’ consult

Now you know the ONE THING that will make a difference to the success of your ERP project, the next step is to GET STARTED (even if you’re not ready to select a system yet!).

We invite you to let us help you with this critical first step, where we take a deep dive into one of your key system-related business problems in a 1 to 2 hour meeting. We will use root cause diagnostic tools to uncover the core issues and what these may be costing your business (in both money and lost opportunities).

PLUS, we will document this for you, so that you can feed this into your Business Case and RFP documents.

It starts with a 15 minute call to set up the meeting and for us to learn more about your business so that you get the most value from this session.

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